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Why I Cannot Play the Video eBook Purchased from Website?



  • winmilldekwynn

    Hi, I just purchased a combo of eBook and Video content.

    But I can't find it on PUBU App?? 

    Because on website the one I purchase is on 'Magazine' tab but on app it only show 'Bookshelf' no 'Magazine' to be seen on the app so I couldn't read or watch the one I just bought.

    Can you please fix this or check on this???


  • Pubu Product Team

    There are two kinds of video contents that can be made by publishers, I think yours should be a "multimedia eBook" as we only support that kind of combo products for now.

    First, download Pubu App in

    After installation, launch Pubu App and open the EPUB eBook you've purchased, and the video will be embedded inside the pages of your eBook. If you need more direct and personal help, please click "Submit a request" on the top-right corner with your registration Email and the product you bought. Hope this helps.


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